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Almost everyone has had a great idea for a product at one point in their life, but not everyone has the design skills necessary to bring it to life. Let us work together to turn your idea into a reality.

From original designs to replacing that weird plastic part that you can't seem to find a replacement for anywhere, CBL has you covered. Simply contact us with your project idea and we will help you out.

Along with the design work, we have rapid prototype capabilities that include 3D printing and traditional machining. Integrating design and prototyping under one roof drastically reduces the time and effort needed to produce your prototypes.

Confidentiality is guaranteed, and signing an NDA is no problem. When it comes to your design, mum's the word and all design files are your property, not ours.

We also realize that you are probably not made of money. While this is unfortunate for both of us, we understand. That's why we like to break most design projects into logical blocks, with each block being quoted ahead of time so there are no surprise bills to pay.

Interested? Great! Contact us today.

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